Our Products

SMA(DO-214AC)5V~170V SMC(DO-214AB)5V~170V DO-201AE / DO-15 / DO-41 5.5V~387V

0402/0503/0603/1005 --- 5~24V

  • Applications:
    • Protection of Cellular phones, PDA, High speed data transmission……etc.,
    • Used in Mobile communications, Computers Peripherals, Medical products, Hand held/ Portable devices, Industrial equipment, including Diagnostic port protection and I/O interfaces.

Standard (N series):
ø5mm(18V~750V )/ø7mm(18V~820V)/ø10mm(18V~1800V)/ø14mm(18V~1800V)/ø20mm(18V~1800V)
High Surge(S series):
ø5mm(18V~750V )/ø7mm(18V~820V)/ø10mm(18V~1100V)/ø14mm(18V~1100V)/ ø20mm(18V~1100V)
Ultra Surge(U series):
ø14mm(200V~240V) /ø20mm(200V~240V)


Spark Gaps     Gas Discharge Tubes
Model DC Breakdown
voltage Vs(V)
SPG-201M 200V±20%
SPG-251L 250V±15%
SPG-271L 270V±15%
SPG-301L 300V±15%
SPG-351L 350V±15%
SPG-401M 400V±15%
SPG-451M 450V±20%
SPG-501M 500V±20%


  1. Devices connecting
  2. Telecommunication and Antenna or Signal Line
  3. Need Protection against Electrostatic
Model DC Breakdown
voltage Vs(V)
ACPA-2RM ø5.5mm×6mm 70V- 800V±20%
ACPA-2R ø8mm×6mm 70V- 800V±20%
ACPA-2N ø8mm×6mm 70V- 600V±20%
ACPA-2R ø8mm×8mm 1000V- 6000V±20%
ACPA-2T ø8mm×6mm 350V- 1000V±10%
ACPA-2SM ø4mm×4.2mm 75V- 1200V±20%
ACPA-2S ø6.2mm×4.2mm 75V- 800V±20%
ACPA-2S ø6.2mm×4.2mm 1000V- 3000V±20%
ACPA-3RM ø6mm×8mm 90V- 600V±20%
ACPA-3R ø8mm×10mm 75V- 600V±20%


  1. Protection for Telecommunication sets
  2. Semiconductor circuit Protection-Such Ocilloscape, Electron microscope
  3. AC Power,Line Against Thunder Surge


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