Established in Nov. 1996, Fusepro is a professional supplier for the electronic components. The products include safety concern and circuit protection parts. Our main customers are the manufacturers of S.P.S, U.P.S, Telecom, and computer peripheral. In order to provide overall services to the customers, Fusepro sets up sales offices and warehouses not only in Taiwan headquarters, but also in Hong Kong, South China (Shenzhen) and East China (Suzhou).

  • AC/DC Fuse (電流保險絲)
  • AC Power socket (電源插座)
  • Circuit Breaker (斷路器)
  • EMI Filter (電源濾波器)
  • AC/DC Fuse (電流保險絲)
  • Thermal cut off (溫度保險絲)
  • PTC (恢復式保險絲)
  • AC/DC Fuse (電流保險絲)
  • Varistor & Thermistor
  • Relay(繼電器)
  • MOSFET (場效電晶體)
  • SJ MOSFET (場效電晶體)
  • PWM IC (電源積體管理電路)
  • Light Sensor (光感器)
  • ESD Diode (靜電防護器)
  • TVS Diode (突波抑制二極體)
  • Zener Diode (積納二極體)
  • Photo Couplers(光耦合器)
  • MOSFET (場效電晶體)
  • Thermal Cut Off (溫度保險絲)
  • TFMOV (溫度型壓敏電阻)