Hollyland is a high-technology company that specializes in the development, production and marketing of circuit protection devices. It is a wide product ranges, including miniature fuses, micro fuses, SMD fuses, thermal cutoff, high / low voltage fuses and PTC resettable fuses as well as other circuit protection devices that are widely used in communications, computers, transportation, toys, household appliances, batteries, new energy resource and other electronic power system protection. All the products are lead-free that complies with RoHS Directive and REACH regulations. The world-class production plant is accredited with BSI ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 and CQC ISO14001 system certifications. With years of development and dedication, the company has won an excellent reputation in the market and is being regarded as the one of the industry leaders. The" HOLLY® "brand not only has been awarded as “Famous Trademark of China” – the highest honor in the People’s Republic of China, but it has also received respectful world-wide recognitions.


SCHURTER - operating worldwide as a successful and visionary enterprise in the electronic and electrical engineering fields. Thousands of industrial partners throughout the world employ the years of expertise and highly innovative capacity of the SCHURTER Group.
Provider of computers and peripheral equipment, technical and medical instruments, telecommunication equipment, control panels, systems; hobby, household and gardening equipments as well as many other devices.


(3)  SOC (S.O.C. Corporation)

SOC Corporation was founded in November 1958 on the premise of placing importance on “Customers”, ”Employees”, “Stock Holders”. We declare the following objectives and are taking actions to achieve them.
Many of the design innovations and technology of fuse construction that are popular now have been developed first by SOC. We will modernize fuse design through continued development.

(4) Golden 高登

(Sino-joint Venture)Dongguan Golden Electrical Appliances Co.,LTD, is a company specializing in designing, developing, producing and selling electromechanical relay, automotive relay and magnetic latching relay. The company has become one of the middle manufacturers in Mainland China, and awarded with the ISO 9001:2000 certificate by BM Trade certification and ISO14000:2003 by QA International Certification Limited.


Fusepro is also the supplier for "Joyin" brand products of MOV, NTC Thermistor and MLV. for the China markets  'Joyin' used to be the main sub-contractor for the world-wide well-known manufacturers such as L.F., Harris, Maida, Raychem....etc.  so it is no problem for us to supply the quality products meet internal standards.

(6) PIP Semi

Perfect Intelligent Power Semiconductor Co.,Ltd is one high-tech company located in Colorado, USA. R&D Team members come from Fairchild, IR and TFSS; Keep focusing on the advanced power semiconductor device, IC design, wafer development and package test process technology after establishment in 2003. 

Perfect Intelligent Power Semiconductor Co.,Ltd develops and produces VDMOS、SG MOSFET、Coolmos、IGBT、Gate Driver IC etc,advanced power semiconductor devices and related power management IC with application fields in energy-saving, green lighting, smart grid, EV, industrial control equipment and consumer electronics.

Perfect Intelligent Power Semiconductor Co.,Ltd holds company culture of “Honesty, Believe, Confidence, Faith”; providing perfect, innovative and professional products and diverse services to customers.


(7) Wuxi Unigroup Microelectronics 

Our management team is composed of many experienced individuals who have worked in major company in China as well as abroad for many years. We have rich experience in management of semiconductor company, mastered not only advanced R&D technologies but also advanced production technologies in the world. We can provide production of the super junction MOSFET, IGBT, Low Vf SBD, IGTO and other advanced semiconductor power devices and power IC. Our products are widely used in the fields of energy efficient motor drives, green lighting, wind power, smart power grid, hybrid electric vehicles, instrumentation and consumer electronics.


(8) CET  

Chino-Excel Technology Co., Ltd.(CET) was established in 1984, was a most competitive power MOSFET manufacturer in Taiwan. CET has already obtained many patents for invention of products, and has been qualified by ISO14001 , QS 9000 , ISO9001. CET provides Power MOSFETs products with total solutions from device design, brilliant round processing, encapsulation, packaging, and testing technologies with own facilities to satisfaction customer requirement. CET products have already widely used in the fields , such as M/B, NB, UPS, Power Inverter, CCFL, DC Fan, SMPS, Adapter, Lighting, Battery, DC-DC, LCD Monitor etc..

(9) Comchip

Comchip Technology Corporation is the SMD Diode Specialist. With innovative design and leading edge manufacturing process, Comchip was the first to introduce RoHS compliant diodes in 2001. Since then, we have expanded product offerings to include industry leading RoHS and Tin-Free flat chip packages in SOD-923F, SOD-723F, SOD-523F, and SOD-323F, as well as complex 8 pin and 6 pin arrays in SOT-383F and SOT-363F packages.

(10) 奇高

A fabless chip design company; Chip Goal was founded in Sep. 1st , 2006, specializing in Power IC and Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) related IC design, research, production, and sales. Owned an outstanding and experiencing IC design team, Chip Goal has developed a series of products and also provides ASIC design services.

(11) ERIS

Eris Technology Corporation was established in August 1995. Eris is an ODM (original design manufacturer) providing a variety of support services to design, manufacturing, and after-marketing services for Diode products. We are constantly focuses on the innovation of R&D based on our practical attitude and efficient management, providing high quality and good value products with competitive prices and excellent services to our clients. Our client based consists of brand, global/regional-based OEM (original equipment companies). Our clients request to provide an ever increasing array of services their product development plans. Our business scope comprises Schottky Diodes, TVS Diodes, Zener Diodes, Bridge Diodes, Wafers, LEDs, the relevant devices, etc

(12) SETfuse

SETfuse is a company which is engaged in Designing and Manufacturing Circuit Protection Components and Providing Integrated Circuit Protection Solutions. SETfuse is specialized in the innovative protection fields of Over Temperature Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Active Protection and Multiple Protection, helping customers to improve the safety index of their products. SETfuse Develops, Manufactures and Sells the products to the High Reliability markets of Industry, Electronic, New Energy and so on. It offers industry-leading Thermal-link (TCO), Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV), Thermal Fuse & MOV(TFMOV), Surge Protection Device (SPD), Wirewound Fusing Resistor (RXF), Thermal-link & Fusing Resistor (TRXF), Current Fuse (Fuse), Ideal Thermal Fuse (iTCO) and Protective Unit for Adaptor (PUA).

(13) MEMChip

Founded in 2008, MEMChip Technology has been developing diversified and competitive power IC, LED driver IC and customized system solutions to satisfy requirements of its customers and market demands. Founded in 2014, WISETOP Technology is focusing on the development of photo couplers IC and solutions for switching power supply application; several related patents have been granted by multi-countries. As a strategic partner to customer’s RD team WISETOP is not only providing cutting edge photo coupler IC products but also offering integral solutions to support customer to improve its product development process in order to realize development of highly competitive products. WISELITE Optronics Technology was established in 2014 mainly to provide LED lighting products ( by using its own unique LED driving IC) in initial stage and to provide photo coupler packaged products design in recent years, also cooperate with MEMChip Technology to offer system solutions containing photo couplers for applications including home appliances, industrial and communications, etc., covering a wide range of fields.